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Have your trees inspected for safety

Yesterday was what felt like the beginning of regular fall weather. Cool temps, light breeze, and sunny, it was a great day for climbing! Having had rain all of the day before, on the end of a rope was about the only way this trimming was going to get done. The customer wanted to have the ends of the limbs closest to the roof trimmed off, leaving the remaining limbs well above the roof. The problem we encountered was that every time I would get my climbing rope situated and begin to ascend into the canopy, the limb would break! After a couple close calls, I had no choice but to bring in the bucket truck for a closer inspection. I found that even though this tree looked very healthy from the ground, lots of leaves, good color, no dead limbs, there was some very advanced decay on top of the limbs. If you look close, you can actually see though in one place.


We ended up taking a couple more limbs off and back to the trunk as shown in the photo.
The take-away is that it is advantageous to have an arborist inspect your trees, especially if they are near buildings or other valuables.


This is one that broke from just my body weight, under 200 lbs. Notice the beginning of some dark wood rot in the sap wood.