My Tree Service LLC

Affordable…. ??

It is not my goal to be the cheapest service in town!

Listen, it takes a certain amount of resources to maintain a business. Some of those resources are visible to the customer such as heavy equipment like a bucket truck and a wood chipper. Many, many of the expenses are NOT apparent such as all the rigging and tools that it takes to do dangerous work safely. As a legitimate business, we have to carry a minimum of three types of insurance to cover our own property and the customer property such as Liability, Automobile, and Workers Compensation. There are administration costs and office expenses. Labor has a ton of expenses that go with it. If you have a job, you already know there are state and federal taxes, plus social security contributions, and medicare deductions. Maybe you don’t realize that the employer has to match some of those contributions plus pay into the unemployment fund too. Add on top of that, all the inspections and safety equipment it takes to satisfy OSHA and the state.

So you see, I guess the point that I am making is, when you get a quote that is so much lower than the others, ask yourself, “what is that company NOT paying for that the others are”?? Be weary of the VERY LOW bid, you could find yourself dealing with a (so-called) business that won’t be able to take care of you because they take shortcuts that they shouldn’t!