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Bradford Pear trees

The ornamental Bradford Pear tree has a natural round shape where the limbs start about chest high and grow straight out from the trunk. These trees are very dense and produce a lot of leaves and blooms. The structure of the tree is such that all the limbs grow out from the trunk at the same location rather than staggered. This gives the tree it’s round even shape but also makes it very susceptible to breakage. Wind damage is almost a certainty on mature trees if they aren’t trimmed to prevent it. If the tree is trimmed before it breaks apart, the shape can be preserved or a pillar shape can be developed for greater resistance to breakage. Now, while dormant, is the BEST time to do this type of trimming. When spring comes, the properly trimmed Bradford Pear tree will promote growth in such a way to fill out the center and provide stronger vertical growth while maintaining a valuable landscaping asset to your property. Give us a call for a free evaluation of your Bradford or Cleveland Pear tree.