My Tree Service LLC

Getting some more training…

Two days in training in Collinsville with the University of Illinois. Did you know: Anybody who applies general use or restricted use pesticide must be licensed by the state. That includes farmers, lawn care, and yes, the only tree service in Marion county that does tree health care – My Tree Service!


Did you know: the term “pesticide” also refers to the application of weed killer? That’s right, weeds are considered pests and there is a special license for private users as well as another license for commercial users.


Now, if your lawn guy wants to spray for insects on your trees and shrubs, he must have a license for that in addition to the license required for spraying weeds. And of course the reverse is true. Each type of application requires a special license because of the impact to the environment and to public safety if these chemicals are applied incorrectly or with carelessness.


My Tree Service is licensed for trees and shrubs (ornamental) and lawns (turf).  We are specially trained to identify insect and disease problems, to develop a control plan, and to purchase and apply professional products that will keep your landscape safe and beautiful!

When you consider hiring someone to care for your property, hire a professional

.  You’ll get more for your money.