My Tree Service LLC

How much wood is that?

We often get the question “how much wood is that” when some one wants to know what the price of our firewood is.¬† Here’s our basket of wood hand stacked in the back of a Chevy Colorado.

A basket of camping grade wood is $35 each and wood for heating with a fireplace or stove is $45.

What is the difference?

What you’ll find in the basket of wood for camping may be just about any length, from 6 inches to 24 inches long. It is likely to be a soft wood like maple or even cedar, but could contain hardwoods too.

The basket of wood for heating should be more uniform in length, 16 to 18 inches long and should be all hardwoods like oak and ash. A better quality wood lasts longer and produces more heat.

We provide Baskets of wood for those who wish to save by loading and hauling the wood themselves. We also have small racks of wood available for pickup at around $20. A rack of wood should fit in a trunk or SUV.

All of our wood is seasoned. It’s been cut down for over one year, but may not be split until we are ready to sell it. That helps to keep the bugs and rodents out of the wood, which eventually ends up in your house or garage. If you prefer green wood for your outdoor boiler, we can accommodate you. Outdoor boilers will burn almost anything and green wood will last longer and still provide good heat.

We have several sizes available for delivery:

  • $80 is half of our small dump truck, which is about half a cord of firewood.
  • $160 is a full small dump truck and about one¬†cord of firewood.
  • $325 is our large dump truck, which is around 2.5 cords of firewood.

A cord of firewood is a universal size so it is easier to determine how much you are getting. One cord will measure four feet wide, four feet high, and eight feet long when neatly stacked.

As an added convenience, we can load the basket of wood on your truck or utility trailer. You can bring the basket back when you need another load of wood or after unloading it at your destination. A $20 deposit is required for the basket.