My Tree Service LLC

Natural elimination…

My neighbor down the road called me for an estimate the other day and because of my busy work load, I had to schedule it a week out. That would had been Monday the fourth. So I’m driving by his place on Saturday the second after working one of those jobs on my list and see that he has chosen to hire some out-of-town outfit to do the task of removing the trees in front of his house.  A little history at this point: about three years ago, he hired a local guy to trim these same trees, which ended up looking like broccoli or palm trees and some of the trunks never did recover from that work.  Apparently, John Q Customer has decided on a contractor already, so I stopped to watch the competition at work for about 90 seconds. Here are a couple of things I noticed (in the pictures) that are different from the way My Tree Service operates. I like to think we are a professional service and educated enough to handle any job with confidence. So when I see stuff like this I have to ponder the question, do you really want to take a chance with inexperienced tree services? If the operator doesn’t have any regard for their own safety or just doesn’t know what the industry standard practices are, what else do they take shortcuts with?  Is there equipment safe? Do they inspect their ropes before each use?  What happens if that unprotected worker gets injured on your property. I don’t know this company or its operators personally but this is the kind of thing that you see from some guys who just want to earn a little beer money on the weekends. It looks bad on the entire industry and causes the insurance rates to go up for everybody when things go badly, which they often do! And, it’s horrible to admit, but those kinds of accidents and injuries seem to be the natural way to’weed out’ weekenders from the professionals. As you can see by the pictures, there’s always going to be a John Q Customer with no regard for anything but to save a few dollars. Yes we work on Saturdays when the schedule demands it. We also run the business professionally during the week too. So in closing, do some research before you hire, get references, hire a professional, do business locally, and have the decency to call and cancel your appointments if you do hire somebody else!