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Oak Gall Prevention

Many times while giving an estimate, I hear the comment

“Oh, I didn’t know anything could be done about that”


“I thought that was the way they were supposed to look”.

Oak Gall is a Serious problem moving into the Midwest more and more each year.  Mostly affecting Pin Oaks, the trees will become covered by these galls, eventually killing the tree! The decease is caused by wasps.  YES, we can do something about it.

Each red dot on the map pictured, indicates a tree that will be treated to prevent Oak Gall Decease! Totals up to 34 trees, most are very large and mature taking a grand total over 350 injections! Just another day at My Tree Service! Customers who treat their trees with such care should receive an Humanitarian Award (or something)!

Spring is the best time to treat although we have been successful administering the injections throughout the growing season.  Call My Tree Service today for your free evaluation.  We’re here to help!