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Perceived & real dangers

I had a thought the other day as I was driving. Often you’ll see cars following others at highway speeds with less than two car lengths of space between them. The driver in the rear taking unnecessary risks should something happen with the lead vehicle.  The reaction time needed to respond is dependent on the speeds at the time but that is only one contributing factor in most rear end collisions. Road conditions, equipment capabilities, and vehicle size can affect the stopping distance of any vehicle. That’s why 99% of the time, the driver in the back gets the citation and hefty fine in these kinds of accidents. Simple carelessness!

What made me consider this on that particular day was that every car behind me was keeping a distance of about 8 cars. Some wouldn’t even pass me on a four lane highway. I guess they thought there was some sort of danger because of the load on my truck (pictured).  Fact is, nothing would have come off, even on a really bumpy road. But, the perceived danger was easy to see!  When the danger is not so easy to see, we tend to get ourselves in trouble more often.

On the job, personal protection equipment helps us during those times. On the road…. seat belts and safe driving practices should be on the top of the list. Under normal conditions, 3 seconds in town and 5 seconds on the highway is the minimum safe following distance.  It’s  easy to do,  simply start counting as the car ahead of you passes a landmark. Is it worth it to be the first one at the next stop light? Then again, drivesomething like this and nobody wants to get too close!