My Tree Service LLC

Price driven decisions ….

Price driven decisions are the leading cause for regrets when something goes wrong. I hear it all the time after a botched job in our industry and many others:

I went with the cheapest guy and ……

  • something got damaged but the company wouldn’t pay for it
  • the job wasn’t done to my satisfaction
  • the guy got started and never came back to finish the job
  • I felt sorry for him and paid in advance
  • I’ve been waiting for a year and a half to be scheduled
  • I didn’t get anything in writing
  • the company went out of business and I lost my deposit
  • they killed my trees
  • they wanted more money before they would finish

Listen, if you are not experienced in hiring a contractor to do work for you, talk to friends, family & neighbors! Get some background on the companies that give you estimates and if something just doesn’t sound right, go with your “gut feeling”. I like to save money just as much as anybody, but I also understand that there are fixed cost in every business. When the company giving you a bid is drastically lower than others, ask yourself (and the business) what kind of shortcuts are they taking. You might even ask if they are a real business? It takes more than to buy a truck on eBay and hang a sign on the post to be a proper business and you can usually tell by the professionalism of the people running it.

At My Tree Service, we are listed with Angies List with many years of verifiable experience and an excellent review rating. We had started using Home Advisor but quickly found out that they are a lead generation company that charges companies for each and every contact they get regardless if they actually do the job. It’s nice to be associated with a national referral service but Home Advisor’s model is just too expensive for the results.

My Tree Service would like to help you, the prospective customer, make the best decisions possible. That’s why we are developing a neighbor-to-neighbor referral page on our website. Here is how it will work: you can type in your address or the address of somebody you know and our website will identify about 15 of the closest addresses that we have worked at. Maybe you know one of those people and if so, you could ask them their opinion of our service. Even if you don’t know them, they may be next door or down the street and you could start a conversation with them the next time you see them out in the yard.  This is a great way to get dependable information from people you can trust.

Additionally, we hope to be able to post our customer survey responses very soon.  With over ten years of surveys, it is a very challenging task.  And, I promise to post all of them, positive and critical comments alike, because that is how we discover where our opportunities for improvement are.

In conclusion, consider more than just the price. Talk to others who have used the company you would like to hire.  And, don’t be afraid to ask your salesman how you might be able to reduce costs if you hire their company.