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Storm Damage in Salem

After a long dry spell, rain fell Monday night to bring a total of just over one inch to Salem. It wasn’t a severe storm but it was enough to make this limb fall off a large Oak on the East side of town.

This incident really shows the importance of having your trees inspected by a professional, especially if you live in a mobile home. This giant Oak tree had a limb growing out over the roof and had been affected by ‘included bark‘.

¬†Included bark is where the limb grows adjacent to the trunk or another limb but the bark between them prevents the two from growing together. This makes a weak and/or nonexistent union so although it ‘appears’ to be one big piece, it is actually two separate & smaller pieces. To make matters worse, the structure of a mobile homes doesn’t provide much support and the distance between the inside and the outside is minimal.

 Had this limb fallen just a few feet further over the doorway, it would have gone all the way to the ground, cutting the home in half. Actually, to call it a limb is a little misleading because it is the size of a mature tree. Where luck played a part in the initial impact of this damage, skill accomplished this difficult and hazardous removal. At the end of the day, no one was injured and there was no additional damage to the structure or surroundings with the exception of where we had to drive in the yard.